“Mistery of femininity”; the first collection in NFT format by Giovanni Pasini

| Giovanni |
They are real women. Not just models. Their gaze speaks to us. And it tells us something about each of them. It can be sarcastic. Or melancholy. Or enigmatic. Or, again, playful. But the focus is all on the psychology of the female subjec…

On the charm of mature women.

| Giovanni |
In the nude we photograph the person, not simply a body. And women who are over 40 years old almost always manage to convey something more of their own personality and touch particular chords, first in the photographer and then in the viewer. The …

Stealing the Mystery of Feminity

| Giovanni |
We live in an era of uncontrolled bulimia of photographic images. An availability inconceivable in the analogical age. A continuous and multichannel flow. Nowadays people have the opportunity to see, every day, an unlimited number of photographs. …

The pretended freedom of the tattoo

| Giovanni |
Tattoos, in the Neo-Puritan ideology, represent the so-called transgressive counterpoint to the integral depilation. If the Neo-Puritan model is tetragonous in wanting a smooth and implacable body, it grants, instead, an artificial space of fake t…

The scandal of freedom and the Hairy Body Taboo

| Giovanni |
In the last few decades, freedom has become scandalous. It has not only affected the photographic representation of nudity, but also the habits of every day. The almost complete disappearance of the “monokini” from sunny beaches is the icastic exa…

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