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The scandal of freedom and the Hairy Body Taboo

In the last few decades, freedom has become scandalous. It has not only affected the photographic representation of nudity, but also the habits of every day. The almost complete disappearance of the “monokini” from sunny beaches is the icastic example of a real cultural regression.
At the same time, the availability, online, of explicit material with meticulous cataloging of every type of paraphilia or erotic suggestion, has increased exponentially. Porn is divided into real product categories. A huge world. The most clicked of all the “internet” worlds. But a world totally apart. Relegated to a strict apartheid from the mainstream. A kind of gigantic telematic ghetto. The virtual version of a red light district of a large port city. A supermarket where every voyeuristic desire, even the most deviant, finds the article suitable for its satisfaction.

No Nude | 2022-02 | Teen from Sardinia |
Teen from Sardinia.

The Age of Conformism and neo-puritanism
But, out of there, there is a model organized on rules that are much more rigid and conformist than those in force in the last century.

The nude has not disappeared, although it is very significant that it is “banned” by all main social media. The web is full of undressed or semi-undressed women even outside the ghetto. But neo-puritanism imposed a precise and unsurpassed aesthetic model: asepticity. The body needs to be smoothed to a polymeric consistency. Plastic surgery rules with triumphal display of breast implants, raised cheekbones, swollen lips.

The taboo of the hairy body
The great taboo, in this process of totalitarian homologation, is, then, the hair. Which, for at least two decades, has been explicitly demonized by all mainstream agencies. The stigma that strikes him, of course, has to do with the concept of “dirt”, strictly speaking hygienic of the term. Which is paradoxical. In fact, the opposite is true. A depilated part exposes itself to many more hygienic risks of one that is not. After all, nature does nothing by chance. In reality, the neo-puritan model perceives the hair as “dirty” in cultural and psychoanalytical terms. Compared to the world of conformist mannequins he wants to promote, he becomes an intolerable factor destabilizing. It becomes a shame. It becomes a scandal. And, indeed, freedom is scandalous.

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