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On the charm of mature women.

In the nude we photograph the person, not simply a body. And women who are over 40 years old almost always manage to convey something more of their own personality and touch particular chords, first in the photographer and then in the viewer.
The one expressed by a “mature” woman is a fascination that, like everything related to femininity, has mysterious and deep implications.

Mature women: a charm that surpasses time and stereotypes

The eroticism industry has, inevitably, trivialized the female body by creating genres and sub-genres (just think of MILF) in which stereotypes, reigning supreme, exclude any introspection and, once again, produce images totally devoid of life and functional to a voyeuristic fruition in which any real emotion is absent.
They are photos devoid of interest.
And also devoid of respect. For the model. And also for the user.
In order to catch the mystery of the “ageless” charm it is necessary that the model speaks about herself in the photo that portrays her.

Like a fine wine, the beauty of a woman matures with time

A mature woman is the bearer of a baggage of existential and emotional experiences that have enriched her original femininity.
Femininity is like a wine of the highest lineage.
The passage of time gives new nuances to its bouquet.
Even the signs that the years leave on the face or body can speak to us.
And to express something much more exciting than a perfectly smooth and toned casing.
I have to tell the truth; they are by far my favorite models.
Unfortunately, it’s much less easy to find models who are willing to bare their souls.  Especially in the over 50 range.
Every time I manage to find one, it’s like a whole new world opens up to me. And exploring it with a lens is a real pleasure, even before an artistic mission. 

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